About Osmose Chile

Osmose has been a producer of timber preservatives since1934 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of timber preservatives. Osmose is dedicated and committed to the preservation of timber with operations worldwide.


Since 2008, Osmose products have been delivered throughout Chile, to even the furthest northern areas, in a timely manner, consistent with customer expectations.


Our customers recognize the enthusiasm of Osmose executives and personnel to meet their requirements, assisting them with a strong customer focus, unparalleled in the wood treating market. Osmose Chile provides customers with excellent service and support, offering state of the art technology, with consideration toward budgets and costs.


Strong Customer Focus

Our growth is directly related to the continued success of our customers and business partners.


Building Long Term Relationships with Our Customers

We place a very high value on customer support and technical service. The Osmose field staff maintains regular contact with our customerbase, providing essential services such as, operator training and process optimization. In addition, we offer advice to improve performance and decrease costs, site by site.


100% commitment to the market development

The timber treatment industry is well established, with timber being one of the main choices in building products. We see the challenge of developing new markets for treated timber as well as maintaining and expanding upon the success already achieved. To ensure we achieve our goals, we have dedicated product and market development professionals, focusing on opportunities that will benefit our clients.